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Giving a financial gift is a great way of joining us on our mission, and helping connect people to the word of God. Donate as an individual, church or organisation – and it comes with our promise to use your gift wisely.

a. Bible Translation 譯經
b. Publishing 出版

c. Bible Seminar 聖經講座
d. Bible for non-believers 贈經
e. General Fund 常費

DONATE by Cheque(支票奉獻):

Check Title(支票抬頭): W B S 
Address(郵寄地址):1160 Cadillac Ct, Milpitas, CA 95035

DONATE by Zelle (Zelle轉賬奉獻)

WBS Zelle Account :

Please double check and confirm before you send out payment. 敬請註明奉獻收據郵寄地址。

DONATE by Credit Card/PayPal (網路奉獻)

注意:PayPal Giving Fund會直接向你發行收據,是不會經由環聖的。

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